Spago 0.19 released ๐ŸŽ‰

New year, new Spago release! (Happy new year everyone! :fireworks: Weโ€™ll have a nicer one :slight_smile: )

We usually try to leave at least a month between major releases (and indeed over the last year we had a release every ~2 months) but this time itโ€™s been only two weeks - I was too excited to get this out as soon as possible, as one of the most awaited improvements has landed: spago script!!
You can find the docs for the new command here.

As usual you can install this from NPM and other places.
Please test it out, and if you find any problems with it donโ€™t hesitate to open an issue.

npm install -g spago


Breaking changes (:scream:!!!)

  • Deprecate -d shorthand for the deps-only flag (#712) - instead only support the --deps-only long form
  • Switch from -D to -d as shorthand for specifying dependencies within spago repl (#712)

New features:

  • Add spago script command. It can be used to run standalone PureScript files as scripts (#712, #724, #683)

Other improvements:

  • spago repl will no longer create a (mostly unused) full project skeleton in a temporary directory when a config is not found (#712)
  • spago init and spago upgrade-set will now pick the latest set for the available compiler, rathen than just the latest (#721, #687, #657, #666)