Spago bundle-app: no loader for image files

Trying to include an image in a halogen app based on purescript-halogen-template, spago (or esbuild through spago?) complains about not having a loader configured.

> npx spago bundle-app --to prod/index.js
[info] Build succeeded.
✘ [ERROR] No loader is configured for ".svg" files: assets/thing.svg

      3 │ export const thingURL = require('../../assets/thing.svg');
        ╵                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1 error
[error] Bundle failed.

PNG, JPG or SVG makes no difference. I am sure I’m missing some configuration somewhere, or perhaps this is not the way to reference image files, but it does work for spago build. Would greatly appreciate any advise.

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I think the issue here is, that esbuild does not include an svg-loader by default (spago uses esbuild).

There is an plugin available but sadly you have to configure it via a javascript build script (see here) and there is some discussion about being able to do this via CLI but I’d not get my hopes hight.

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It’s not just SVG though, but PNG and JPG as well. Surely esbuild has loaders for them by default?

And shouldn’t it be possible to just associate the svg extension with a regular file loader? But I can’t find how to configure esbuild through spago at all… This web and node stuff is not exactly my strong suit…

I’m not sure but I think you cannot - personally I call esbuild outside of spago.

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As far as I can remember, Esbuild has this included by default, you just have to configure it like this

As @CarstenKoenig pointed out, it’s probably a good idea to call spago build and esbuild ... as separate commands.

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Yup, that did the trick!