Spago release announcements

I currently only announce new releases for Spago only on Twitter (but not every time, usually just for big news)
Since we release quite often (every two weeks on average so far) I think this is a more appropriate forum for this kind of announcements. Also for the same reason I thought it would be nicer to have a single thread with all the announcements instead of creating a new topic every time. If you think otherwise, let me know via DM here or on Slack, etc.

So here’s the first release announcement:

0.8.4 is out today :tada:

Release notes/changelog since 0.8.3 (see link above for links to relevant PRs and issues):

  • Bugfixes:
    • Produce an error message when asserting directory permissions
    • Read purs version from inside the set instead of its GitHub tag
    • Skip copy to global cache when encountering a permissions problem
  • Other improvements:
    • Errors: add many debug logs
    • CI: rewrite Curator in Haskell
    • CI: build only master and tags on Travis
    • Dev: add Nix section to stack.yaml
    • Dev: tidy up the various executables, sources and dependencies

Additional note: ZuriHac

This weekend I’ll be at ZuriHac, which is (TIL) the biggest Haskell hackathon in the world. If you happen to be there too, let’s meet up!
I just relabeled some issues to mark them as available to “Beginner” and “Intermediate” Haskellers and I’ll be around helping anyone who wants to get started working on Spago :blush:

The main goal at this point is to hit some kind of 1.0, so I’ll be working mostly towards that (this weekend and in next releases). See you there! :raised_hands:


Spago 0.8.5 is out :tada:

This is a “ZuriHac edition”, since almost all the PRs are coming from the hacking there. Lots of new contributors too, thanks everyone for the great time! :raised_hands:

Changelog since previous release:

  • New features:

    • Add sources key to config to customize the sources used in the build (#273, #173)
    • Add --json flag to the list-packages command to optionally output JSON (#263)
    • Add --clear-screen flag to to clear the screen when watching (#271, #209)
    • Add --no-install flag for build to prevent automatic installation (#274, #269)
    • Add --node-args flag to pass arguments to Node in run/test commands (#267, #275)
  • Bugfixes:

    • Fix spago install failing when version branch name contains / 's (#257, #258)
    • Report all missing packages together when it’s not possible to build an install plan (#264, #223)
    • Pull the latest package-sets version when doing init (#254, #279)
    • Fix spago install not adding new dependencies when list is empty (#282, #281)
  • Other Improvements:

    • Docs: add visual overview of what Spago does “under the hood” in typical project workflow (#211)
    • Docs: fix outdated references in README (#266)
    • Tests: untangle testcases environments (#265, #214)
    • Tests: improve packages test by checking for missing and circular dependencies (#270)