Struggling to build a project using thermite


I use “pulp init” to initialize the project. The project builds and runs fine at this point.

Then “bower install purescript-thermite --save”.
It can’t find a suitable purescript-console version, nor a suitable purescript-prelude version.

I have tried using bower update and I downloaded purs and pulp today so I doubt they are old versions.

Any advice to help me troubleshoot this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Thermite has not been updated for 0.12, therefore it won’t work with library versions designed for 0.12. I don’t know how actively Phil maintains Thermite (it’s only a single module), so it might be worth opening an issue.


I see. Does this suggest that thermite isn’t used much by the purescript community then? It seems very useful for creating browser based guis, are there preferred methods to do this that are more up-to-date?



Thermite was a little experimental project in using lenses and coroutines to structure UIs, and then people started using it for real things. I don’t have any interest in using it any more, but if someone makes a PR, I can merge it and make a release.