Take the State of JS 2020 survey

PureScript is represented again. Feel free to take the survey yourself.


Just taken it! Thanks for posting this, @toastal.

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I found the absence of GHCJS to be conspicuous and interesting. Does anyone know if PureScript is significantly more widely used than GHCJS? Or do GHCJS users just tend to engage with the JS community less? Or something else?

As far as I’m concerned, software which I have to build myself and which uses an unofficial fork to even work is definitely not an alternative to something as usable as PureScript. ^^

I have no idea about the relative usage of GHCJS versus PureScript. I think it would be nice to have a regular State of PureScript survey to ask about these sorts of things - it would be nice to know how many people are using PureScript, how many are on the current compiler release versus older ones, which libraries are used the most, etc, rather than guessing based on things like anecdotes and discourse/slack/github engagement. I don’t think I have the energy to set that up, though.


We could borrow some of the questions from Yew’s recent dev survey. I think they did a pretty nice job summarizing the results.


Personally, I liked questions asking about if you’ve used / familiarity with certain language features and syntax. I’d also be curious about who uses purty, who uses Unicode symbols, how often you use ado, do you use map or <$>, etc.? These questions are not just language features, but stylistic choices of users. It fascinates me seeing what people prefer.


The state of JavaScript in 2020 is pretty clear to me :slight_smile: