- a client-server web app written in PureScript

I’ve been learning and experimenting with PureScript for several months now and to get a better grasp on it I decided to build a web app written entirely in PureScript. This resulted in TeamTavern, a web app with client side written using Halogen and server side written using a custom server library. The source code is also available, if you’re interested in taking a peek under the hood. Do note that it’s an undocumented mixture of backend code (src/TeamTavern), frontend code (src/TeamTavern/Client) and various libraries that should be moved into their own packages (e.g. Perun, the server library; Postmark, wrappers for Postmark’s Node client; Async, for handling asynchronous JavaScript functions in a monadic way). I hope this will help others in learning PureScript, since I’ve had trouble finding a complete working example app in PureScript, especially with a server side. Feel free to ask if you have more questions about it.


I’ve updated TeamTavern. It now has a new design and profile filters if anyone wants to click around and play with it.