Tecton: CSS in PureScript

I recently released Tecton, a new DSL for authoring CSS. My goal for this project is to make “CSS in PureScript” more practical for real-world use cases, meaning:

  • Extensive type-level validation
  • Minimal syntactic overhead
  • Broad CSS coverage
  • Alignment with W3C specifications
  • Exhaustive testing

If you’re interested to take a look, a good place to start might be the Zen Garments example, adapted from Dan Mall’s CSS Zen Garden submission in order to assess the library’s CSS coverage.

From there, you might like to see some examples of CSS errors that will fail to compile. Some of these issues are significantly more complicated than e.g. providing a <length-percentage> value where a <length> was expected (although those cases are covered too).

Hopefully the next step would be to try it out for yourself, using the large test suite as a reference wherever the (WIP) docs currently fall short.

I am looking forward to any feedback you might have to offer! I would also like to note that contributions are welcome, so please let me know if you are interested via Twitter or email; or, if you have something specific in mind already, just review the contributing guidelines and then open an issue.

Thanks for reading!


Thanks Nick, a long awaited effort!

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