Template for deploying PureScript code to Airsequel cloud functions

For those of you who haven’t heard of Airsequel (airsequel.com) yet:

Summary Airsequel

Airsequel is a SQLite database hosting platform with following features:

  • Automatic GraphQL API for each database
  • Spreadsheet UI to edit schema and data
  • SQL workbench
  • Cloud functions (Python, TypeScript / JavaScript via Deno)
  • Dashboard / Charts builder

Our backend is written in Haskell and our frontend in Elm.
So the functional community is dear to our heart and we hope we can support the PureScript community as well! :blush:

Me and my team have been working on it for the last 2 years and we’re approaching version 1.0 !

More details:

I just published a template for writing cloud functions in PureScript and deploying them to Airsequel. It works by compiling them to JavaScript and applying minor code changes so that they can then be executed on our system.

Airsequel Examples on GitHub - PureScript Function

We hope to make this even more streamlined in the future and elevate PureScript to a first class citizen of our cloud functions. But I think that even now Airsequel is already a wonderful way to get your PureScript code online and into production! Can’t wait to see what you’re going to build with it! :grin:

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!


Elm?! Splitters!!

Lame Monty Python references aside, this looks cool and I’ll definitely check it out.

I have questions about the service itself, like I’d be interested to know how the automatic GraphQL API works out the graph part. Presumably, it uses SQLite foreign keys to know which types are embedded in other types? I imagine there are some nuances around that, like determining the field name for an embedded type in the host type?

Anyway, good luck getting version 1.0 out the door! Love to see successful use of FP in industry.

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Too many Monty Python references on the internet I don’t understand. :see_no_evil: One of the days I really need to catch up and binge watch all of it! :smile:
… and thanks, let me know if you have any questions. I’d also be happy to give a demo!

We’re actually not supporting traversing the graph yet. It wasn’t our priority so far, as it is really easy to just write an SQL view to surface the data you want to access. Once we’ve a stable 1.0, we’ll get back to it. And yeah, we will use the foreign keys! I can’t tell you about any gotchas yet, but I’m sure there will be some :smile:

We’ll also probably be open sourcing our GraphQL API code on Airsequel · GitHub soon to enable users to integrate it into their CI pipeline.

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