The closest PureScript gets to Java - Gamelan impro on Thursday!

Hey all,

I’ll be running a Gamelan-themed improvisation on Thurdsay. We’ll meet up on the #music channel of the PureScript Discord. This time, we’ll forego audio conversation and just use text messaging, as I’ve gotten some (very understandable!) feedback that the chatter makes it difficult to concentrate on the music.

The impro will be using GitHub - mikesol/wagsi: A 100% browser-based interactive live audio coding environment.. Everything you need to get started is in the readme, and I’ve added a Gamelan example to the cookbook:

Javanese Gamelan and Balinese Gamelan are two of the most magical musical traditions I know. It will be a nice moment of meditation and learning for all who are involved. I very much hope you can make it!


Time change alert! Apologies for the time change, but I need to start a half-hour later. I was able to get last-minute tickets to this concert and it looked too good to pass up! The good news is that I’ll be at the jam session with some fresh ideas :smiley:


Hi there: I saw your posting about this on the TidalCycles discord. By an odd coincidence, this is happening at exactly the same time tonight as the livecoding group associated with the Glasgow Gamelan Group Naga Mas usually meet up in Estuary.

I was thinking: how hard would it be for us to watch what you are doing? Is this something that we can simply participate in through a browser or by watching a stream, or would people have to install something to take part?

(As you’ll perhaps gather from the posting, we are all non-coders, so we would need a really naive and simple way into this. Like… I have no idea what PureScript is, or why it would want to get close to Java!)

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Hi @tedthetrumpet ! Thanks for reaching out and welcome to our community.

Several things:

  • I’ve had to move the time to 9:30PM-10:30PM Finnish time. I hope this is ok!
  • Yes, you can absolutely participate as non-coders. The easiest way is to click on the listening link, which will appear on the PureScript Discord music channel and on this post at 9:25PM. From there, you’ll see the code evolve and hear the sound evolve. You can make requests/suggestions on either channel. We’re using this sample library.
  • If anyone wants to try their hand at live coding, they will be able to from the site After navigating here, from the left of the toolbar, click on the Extensions icon and install Live Share. After that, you can use the LiveShare link we post to join the session and code/play along. This setup has more friction than the Estuary setup, so we’re always happy to help folks through it if there are any snags along the way.

wagsi, our live coding environment, is less ergonomic than tidal but it is more open-ended, which allows coders to do employ advanced patterns like profunctor-lenses. Those who show up (like @afc, who has been at every one!) tend to be quite friendly and helpful, and people can usually get up-and-running pretty fast if they’re already familiar with tidal.

PureScript is a pure functional programming that compiles to JavaScript. It resembles the Java programming language 0%, so the closest it will ever get is by using it to play Javanese Gamelan (the joke is awful…I admit…).

I hope to see y’all this evening!

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Great thanks! The timing is a bit tight for me, but I might be able to make it along. I’ll also pass this on to the rest of my gamelan group to see if anyone wants to have a go.