The State of PureScript Survey

Hi all!

@thomashoneyman and I will be working on a “The State of PureScript” survey that will come out in Q1 of 2022. We’re excited to kick off PureScript’s first community survey, and we will be using the following repo to develop ideas: GitHub - purescript/survey: Home for the State of PureScript annual survey. If you’d like to follow along and contribute, please be sure to watch that repo.

As we get started, there is one area in particular where we need help. We’re asking if anyone on this Discord is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. If you are and are able to help us localize the survey in Mandarin, please DM me or Thomas. Otherwise, as commitments to localize the survey roll in, we’ll make a note on the GH repo. If you’d like to propose a language for localization, please open an issue on the GH repo. Thanks!


What languages are you targeting for localization? I could help with German.

Thanks for the offer!

The three (soft) criteria we have in place for localization are:

  1. Someone willing to do it;
  2. A large community of developers; and
  3. A difficulty for that community to fill out that survey in another localized language, either because most of them don’t speak any of the other languages or because the options make no sense in the region where they work.

Germany fits 1 and 2, but I’m wondering if it fits 3? Would you say most German developers could fill out a survey in English and use platforms from the English-speaking business world (ie AWS, GCP, GitHub Azure etc)? If so, we’d probably forego a German localization and focus on other localizations, as each localization incurs administrative overhead and we’re only a team of 2 at this point. If not, then we’d very much appreciate it!

Thanks and let me know :slight_smile:



you are probably right - english should be perfectly fine for german devs.
Looking forward to fill it out and see the results myself.

Thanks for your afford.


How can we help with Mandarin Chinese ?

Why aren’t ideas being developed on Discourse? Wouldn’t this be the right place to have those conversations instead of a code repo or am I misunderstanding that?

Hi ymmud!

We are looking for someone to help write a version of the survey in Mandarin Chinese for the Chinese developer community.

Would you be interested in helping out in this way? The length and scope of the survey will be approximately that of the most recent Haskell Survey. Please let me know - if you’re interested to learn more, I can follow up with a DM on Discourse or on our Discord server.

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We are following a similar process as the Rust Community, who develops their survey on GitHub. I’m not sure if this is the best method, but we’re running with it for three reasons:

  1. GitHub has great mechanisms for transitioning from discussion (issues) to proposals (PRs) to something that makes its way into the survey (merged PR).
  2. We get the sense that the Rust team is satisfied with their process.
  3. Neither @thomashoneyman nor I have developed a programming-language survey before so, in the absence of personal experience, we’re very much leaning on the recommendations and testimonials of folks with more experience.

I can help with Polish, if anyone is interested.

Hi @Swordlash ! Thanks for the offer.
Could you take a look at this post and let me know if you feel Polish would be a good fit in light of our three criteria? If so, it’d be nice to have a chat to learn more. We will only be able to support 2-4 languages this year because of the small size of the team administering the survey. Thanks!

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Nah, you’re right. I guess 99% will be able to do it in English.

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