Three-part webinar on PureScript audio in the browser

I’ll do a three-part webinar on audio in the browser using next week on Tuesday October 13, Wednesday and Thursday at 8PM CET / 11AM PST. Here is the sign-up link. Anyone who is interested in learning more about audio programming & FRP can register! My goal is for it to be collaborative, so participants can share the sound their making both through Zoom and by sending links to their klank sessions.

The three courses are:

  • Audio synthesis
  • Audio sequencing
  • Instrument making

Hope to see you there!


Hey all!

Here’s a link to the webinar. Here are also some a couple klanks that were made as we worked through the material:

I hope to see folks at tonight’s webinar, where we’ll be looking into sequencing!


It seems as if zoom’s asking for a passcode now to access the recordings. I’d be very interested to see them. Is is possible to re-post the links and make the passcode available?

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Hi @newlandsvalley! Apologies for the passcode. The issue is that since the webinar, the links won’t compile as there’s been a major syntax upgrade. I made the recordings protected temporarily until I figure out a way to move them to a place where I can leave a warning on how to update to the new klank syntax. YouTube, for example, allows you to do this, whereas Zoom currently doesn’t allow you to post any additional comments.

One recommendation I have is to check out these two resources, both of which have been updated with the new syntax:

They have a lot of the material from the webinar, minus my explanations, but they are a good sandbox to get started and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have here or on the klank discourse @ , which also has lots of examples updated to the new syntax.

Apologies again for the inconvenience, and I hope to get this sorted out soon!

Ah - OK @mikesol. Many thanks - I’ll check them out.