Try PureScript now has the whole package set available

This is a super exciting change to announce; Try PureScript now has access to the whole package set! This means you can import and use all kinds of things which you previously weren’t able to, such as halogen, react-basic, concur, and so on. The exact package set in use right now is psc-0.13.6-20200507. Going forward we intend to keep the package set up to date and continue to include everything in it, although that may depend on how large it gets and how much maintainer time is available.

This was enabled by our backers on OpenCollective, whose contributions allowed us to pay for a server with enough memory to support this. I would also like to thank @thomashoneyman and @natefaubion for their helpful feedback and code reviews. Thank you!

(Note: we are currently raising enough to cover costs on OpenCollective. Please don’t make lots more donations, because I don’t want to end up responsible for a bunch of cash I have no idea what to do with!)


Congrats for this, very happy it’s happening :slightly_smiling_face:

Open source already has an economic sustainability problem, please let’s not further discourage people from donating if they wish so. Let’s worry about the problem of having too much cash only once we have it - I believe there always will be ways to do something with it. Random example: pay for S3 storage for a mirror of the registry, etc.

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There’s absolutely no economic sustainability problem from the perspective of our infrastructure costs, since we are already covering costs without publicising the OpenCollective at all; my impression is that there are quite a few people out there who would be very happy to contribute. I also don’t believe that it will be that easy to allocate cash if we end up with too much; I expect S3 storage for a registry mirror would be a small fraction of what we’re already raising, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we could raise 2x or 3x what we’re currently raising with a little bit of publicity. In any case I’m not prepared to risk it.

Open source definitely has an economic sustainability problem in general, but that is more to do with labour costs. Expanding the scope of the OpenCollective to cover labour costs seems like a nice idea but paying maintainers for their labour raises a whole bunch of additional issues which I am very much not keen on grappling with.