Trying NullOrUndefined from paf31/purescript-foreign-generic

As of 6.0.0 Type.Data.RowList is not listed as a module in prelude. I think this is interfering with foreign-generic

Error 1 of 2:

  in module Foreign.Generic.Class
  at .spago/foreign-generic/master/src/Foreign/Generic/Class.purs:29:1 - 29:39 (line 29, column 1 - line 29, column 39)

    Module Type.Data.RowList was not found.
    Make sure the source file exists, and that it has been provided as an input to the compiler.


how did you add foreign-generic? I think this one is not updated to the current compiler.
It seems there is an PR for that so you could try jsparkes version in the meantime.

I added from paf31 but now I am:

  with foreign-generic =
    { dependencies =
        [ "prelude"
        , "control"
        , "maybe"
    , repo =
    , version =

which is much better. I now have another little problem that I will get to on Monday.