UI Developer Position at Awake Security (acquired by Arista)

We’ve opened up a new position at Awake Security for a UI Developer. Awake Security was recently acquired by Arista (ANET), operating as our own division.

  • We are currently a team of 4 (@thomashoneyman, @colinwahl, @thimoteus, and myself) all writing PureScript full-time.
  • It’s a single UI product, built with React/Redux.
  • Our codebase is mixed, but JS is only very old legacy components we haven’t replaced yet. All development is done in PureScript (well over 100K LOC).
  • Typed API bindings for all development. No hand-written codecs! :laughing:
  • This position is remote friendly, but we are currently only able to offer a position in the countries where Arista has a presence: USA, Canada, India, Ireland.

I’m happy to answer any questions about the position and company (as best I can).


Glad to see India on the list! I will add it to the list of FP jobs available in India - https://github.com/fpindia/jobs/

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