UI Developer Position at Awake Security

We’ve opened up a new position at Awake Security for a UI Developer.

  • UI team is currently 3 people, all writing PureScript full time.
  • A single UI product, which is built on React/Redux
  • It’s a mixed codebase, and we still have a good amount of legacy JS components, but we are replacing them at a quick pace (all new code is written in PS). Currently, the PS portion is about 60KLOC.
  • This position is remote friendly (USA only), though local is a plus.

what about people who are kind of local, but would still prefer to work remote so we don’t have to deal with godawful Bay Area traffic?

The company is remote and schedule friendly. I know of several “kind of local” coworkers who have only commuted a couple days a week and at off hours. Of our 3 UI developers, 1 is local, and two are remote (in LA).

Why USA only? Due to legal issues or because of time zones?