Using psc-package and creating custom sets

Hi. I’m trying to create a custom set which includes purescript-aff. I perform the following steps

  • Cloned purescript/package-sets to purescript/package-sets
  • Added purescript-aff from bower
  • Tagged and pushed my changes
  • Added my tag “aff.set-may-27-2018” to “sets” in psc-package.json and source “
  • Run psc-package install

but I get

I get “Package aff does not exist in package set”

A side question:
What is the plan with psc-package? Is it likely that a library such as purescript-aff will be added soon? Is there a switch from bower being worked on/planned?

Ok actually it was my fault because the changes were pushed after the tag was made.
I wonder if I can resolve this locally though. It takes a very long time to get the error everytime, have to do a new release and then repeat for each package that is not included in the set.

You should be using psc-package verify [package] to verify individual packages you add, e.g.

echo '{ "name": "test-package", "set": "testing", "source": "", "depends": [] }' > psc-package.json
mkdir -p .psc-package/testing/.set
cp packages.json .psc-package/testing/.set/packages.json
psc-package verify aff

We have this written in the README here