Version 0.14 release


I’m sorry if I missed the infos I’m asking for somewhere. Lately my days are a bit packed so I could not find the time to compile/try this out myself :frowning:

Can someone point me to the breaking changes that will be coming? I found mentions of poly-kinds (very cool - thank you!) but that’s it.

Is there some kind of date(-range) on when we can expect the 0.14 release and as someone who has Purescript in production is there something I can do to prepare?


The compiler release notes and the 0.14 migration guide haven’t been merged yet, but they’re in pretty stable form. They’re your best bet for the moment.

The release notes cover changes to the compiler in some depth, but few of the changes will require your code to change:

The migration guide shows how the compiler changes may require code changes, and it also includes notable updates that happened in the core, contrib, node, and web libraries. All sections have suggested fixes for your code:

Once the release is ready we’ll also have a PureScript 0.14 package set that you can use as a base to start migrating your libraries and applications.


thank you - that’s exactly what I was looking for

I had a quic scan through the migration guide and I think this won’t really cause much trouble for me - thank you all for your incredible work.