Version `0.3.0` of the Halogen `Select` library is out -- last release before 1.0!

New release of purescript-halogen-select, a library for building selection user interfaces in Halogen.

I’m planning for this to be the last release before 1.0; unless you find a bug or usability issue with the library that I ought to fix before the stable release I’ll pull the trigger on 1.0 in two weeks.

If you’re curious about the philosophy behind the library, watch a talk about it from the LA PureScript meetup last month:

New in this release

@monoidmusician generously worked on moving the Halogen query algebra in the library to be based on Free. This has some neat benefits, including:

  • Render code can now use monadic syntax to specify several queries that should run as the result of an event. This is accessible to library users, too. It allows for the query algebra in the component to be much simpler, allowing end users to do more with the code they control – the render function.
  • Users can trigger queries in the component without specifying H.action every time, which cuts down on quite a bit of visual noise (H.action Select.DoSomething vs. Select.doSomething)