Video/Article: A joy of working with JSON using PureScript

I want to share how joyful it is to work with JSON using PureScript.

I’ve been working as a Fullstack engineer for a while, and it feels like we’re shuffling JSON most of the coding time.

Video: A joy of working with JSON using PureScript - YouTube

Hate watching videos? Check out the complementary article, which covers the same content: A joy of working with JSON using PureScript - DEV Community


Thanks for sharing. I was just about to explore how to work with JSON on my learning adventure :wink:

I worked on some larger apps with TS and dealing with API responses is always a pain because there is no guaranty that the data is correct type. The best way I found is io-ts which take a moment to figure it out.


Thanks for taking care of those of us who don’t like videos (as well as those who do)!

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Great video, @Zelenya

I don’t know if you are looking for new video ideas but if you, are I think Justifiable would be a good topic!

I recently found it and now I’m trying to wrap my head it.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look or maybe ask @i-am-the-slime to talk about it on a stream :thinking:


Great video! I think it demonstrates one of the main features of the language in a very understandable and concise way.

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