Wags.fm - programmable radio

Hey all! I’m thrilled to announce https://wags.fm/, a web radio built entirely in PureScript :musical_note:

We’ve done around 6 wags jam sessions now, and we always get to interesting and magical places during the jams. I wanted a way to take the best of what we came up with and listen to it while keeping the open-ended quality of the jam sessions.

The result is a web interface where folks can listen and tweak the music they’re listening to. It uses trypurescript for JIT compilation and the round-trip is often less than a second.
The github repo is at GitHub - mikesol/wags.fm. I hope to add a new track every week or so. If anyone would like to contribute to the repo, please feel free!

I hope you all enjoy the music. The tracks are meant to be listened to while working/cleaning/smoking/thinking/meditating or doing nothing at all. I’m listening to them in a coffee shop as I write this message :slightly_smiling_face:

And huge thanks to the people who have come to the wags jam sessions that led to this project. @afc is the veteran of wags jams, and many others have made beautiful and inspiring musical choices that have alimented this project.