What is the state of Spork?

I’m interested in Elm-like UI libraries in PS. There is a few around but I would want to use an actively maintained library. Spork looks simple with clean API but the last commit was in 2018; is this OK?

Are you aware of another library that is being actively maintained?

@natefaubion stated on the PureScript Slack channel that he still maintains Spork and updates it for new versions of PureScript; he says it’s just “complete for its purpose,” meaning that there probably won’t be new features added. Thus, there is no harm in using Spork.

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I’m using spork engine (its EventLoop, Interpreter etc.) as a base for our internal simple canvas renderer (probably not worth publishing ;-)) and I’m really happy with it :slight_smile:


@mhmdanas is correct. I maintain it enough to keep it updated and working as the ecosystem changes. I have no plans to introduce new features or change the API. I’m happy to consider PRs and fixes as well, just please open an issue first for discussion.


Thank you all.

How would you recommend to handle routing? Elm (and bucklescript-tea) have a Navigation module that helps with listening to route changes.

I like the routing library. You can find some examples in the cookbook.
There’s also routing-duplex.

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