What is your favorite part about PureScript?


What’s your favorite part about PureScript?


purs ide :slight_smile:


Maybe try.purescript.org when I get an idea for something


The default prelude is my favorite. Love the classiness!
I feel a little sad when I look at Haskell’s prelude options. I wonder why I think theirs is so weird.


A few things:

  • Records and row polymorphism
  • Easy installation and deployment
  • Ecosystem (and FFI)
  • Hackable codebase
  • You


The fact that I can write almost-Haskell and have it compiled to JavaScript of reasonable size. The decision to have no runtime probably helped here.


Justin Woo’s memes, definitely.


The friendliness, helpfulness and high level of wit in the community.


Merciless refactoring++ with purs ide (and organized imports and instant compiler feedback etc.). Flow. And you of course.


The logo is kinda nice.


I think maybe my favorite thing is the compelling feel of sleek modernity and no baggage about it…as what alex said about Prelude but even more generally, it has come a long way and a lot of features have been added without detracting from that initial ‘powerful, practical but lightweight’ impression that first attracted me to it.

or maybe tooling (ide, packages, etc)? It’s hard to pick a single favorite thing!