Why core purescript packages still use bower instead of spago?

E.g. purescript-numbers ?

People don’t want to integrate spago because it’s still not used in core packages

But you can install numbers from spago, can’t you? You don’t need bower setup to use it.

Unless you’re just asking why the library itself does not use it, that I do not now. I don’t see much point in blocking PRs that add spago support. I guess that because you need pulp to upload packages to pursuit (and pulp in turn uses bower) spago setup is somehow “unnecessary” and Okham razor walks in.

  1. Docs can’t be uploaded to pursuit for spago-only libraries yet
  2. Versions are more useful than package sets in some circumstances, since they capture information about when breaking changes in behaviour but not type signatures occur

My comment and surrounding discussion in Core library updates for 0.14 · Issue #3942 · purescript/purescript · GitHub has some more context as to why the core libraries still use bower. It’s really important to stress that bower is only part of the workflow when you’re actually working on the core libraries themselves; downstream users can very happily consume them via spago without needing to know or care what bower is.