Why do document comments for fields and tags not work?

The current PureScript 0.14.5 does not seem to work with documentation comments for tags and fields. I can’t see documentation comments when I hover over tags or fields in VSCode, and they are broken when I format them in purty

I find it useful to have support for documentation comments on tags and fields, why don’t you have it? Is there a plan to support it? Or have you decided not to support it because of the design of the language?

-- | definy, ナルミンチョの創作記録で扱う http のレスポンスで返す content-type の値
data MediaType
  = --| image/png
  | -- | text/javascript
  | -- | text/html 
  | -- | application/json
  | -- | font/woff2

-- | static な ファイルの解析結果
newtype StaticResourceFileResult
  = StaticResourceFileResult
  { -- | 入力のファイル名. オリジナルのファイル名
    originalFilePath :: Path.FilePath
    fileType :: Maybe.Maybe FileType.FileType
  , fileId :: NonEmptyString.NonEmptyString
  -- | Firebase Hosting などにアップロードするファイル名. 拡張子は含まれない 
  -- | ファイルの中身のハッシュ値になる.
  , requestPathAndUploadFileName :: Hash.Sha256HashValue
  , mediaTypeMaybe :: Maybe.Maybe MediaType.MediaType

I’m not sure if doc comments on field names are supported. If they are, I think the doc comment is associated with the , that precedes the field name and not the field name itself.

Try different formatter, purs-tidy.