(WIP) Elisp Backend for Purescript

I’ve been working on a new CoreFn-type backend for PS to enable writing PureScript programs that transpiles to elisp: https://github.com/psel-org/psel.
I’ve been thinking that an elisp backend would be useful for a long time, and after studying the purenix code, it looked like I could make one, so I started the project.

Currently still working on core and contrib libraries, but at this point the transpiler is functionially complete.


I was thinking about doing something similar with ChezScheme.


@bjornkihlberg this is another work in progress! :slightly_smiling_face:

Development has slowed down at the moment due to other things taking priority, but if you’d like to help out I’d be happy to support that


Very cool. I will watch this development closely. :slight_smile:

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Sorry for late reply, I’m very interested in this.