Would it be possible to create like deno backend but instead of typescript have purescript integrated?

I just had crazy idea and I would like to hear your opinion on the matter.

There is deno project which is new and hot take on nodejs but with integrated support for typescript. My question would be. Is it possible/good idea to think about creating/forking deno and intrducing integrated support for Purescript ?

The original idea was inspired by fact that there is emacs project trying to include javascript engine to speed up and communicate with js side of things -> https://github.com/emacs-ng/emacs-ng/ where I would imagine it would be nice to do parts in Purescript instead of js/ts.


After looking at Flutter today I wish there was Purescript->Dart :sweat_smile:


@toastal yes, I wish there was a Dart backend and writing one is even on my TODO list (as you can imagine, a LOT of stuff is on this list too). I recall reading that somebody played around with a Dart backend but I think they said that they didn’t release it.

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