[ANNOUNCE] PureConf, a PureScript focused conference

I am very happy to announce PureConf - the first conference focused on the theory and practice of building web applications with PureScript, our favourite programming language!

The conference is being organised in collaboration with Juspay and HasGeek, and will feature a full day of great talks by invited speakers! It will be held entirely online, and all the talks will (eventually) be made available for free access.

The schedule is still being put together, and we’ll release more details in the coming weeks. Please follow the PureConf conference page for updates.

The conference is very modestly priced at 99 INR, or about 1.3 USD. While we have to charge a ticket price for various reasons, we have kept the ticket price very low to keep it accessible for everyone.

Please feel free to contact me [ajnsit at google’s email service] for any questions / feedback!

See you all there!