FP Web Conference (Remote and in person events in Bangalore India)

Hi all, I’m very happy to announce “FP Web Conf” - a series of talks and in person events covering topics related to Functional Programming and Web Development (both frontend and backend). The event is being organised by HasGeek, JSFoo, and Functional Programming India. Attendance is completely free for both remote and in-person events.

The first talk will have George James talk about how Juspay used PureScript and halogen-vdom to implement a cross platform UI framework - Use PureScript and build your own UI framework – FP Web Conf. Please register on the page to receive the meeting invite.

We are also accepting proposals for talks and case studies! If you or your company has evaluated or adopted PureScript (or any other functional programming technology), please consider submitting a talk proposal, and share your insights with the community.