Interest in PureScript podcast?

Hi PureScripters! I was thinking of starting a monthly podcast about PureScript. Is this something people would be interested in? If so, what would kind of content would you like to see? Typical tech podcasts are solely interviews, but perhaps you’d like something different?

Also, if you think this would be a valuable project and would like to contribute a few hours a month to help out, I’d love to have a teammate!


It would be amazing! :slight_smile:

I would love it. Interviewes with the creators of the Language, Tools and frameworks would be great. Also some educational stuff or overviews over the current state of the ecosystem.

What are you looking for in a teammate?

Thanks for asking @thimoteus! I’d like to have someone to collaborate with and to help manage content ideas and choose infrastructure, tools, and process. I might like a teammate on the mic, but that can be a separate person/project.

I used to have a short-lived podcast a loong time ago. Content ideas would be easiest I think, the rest sounds doable.

I was looking a few weeks ago at FP podcasts and was a little disappointed by the (lack of) recency of everything I found.

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I gave a +1 on Twitter but I’ll do it here too. Happay to help if you need it hit me up with a DM on Twitter. Also amazing work with PureScript unscripted! The consistency of the meetings is great!

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Yes! Do it! Thanks, in advance. :wink:

Cool, I’ll try to spend time next weekend to get a solid plan written down. :ok_hand:

Absolutely! I’ve searched all podcasts for purescript-related episodes multiple times and of course only the occasional 1-off intro episode. Elm Town and LambdaCast are some of my favorite language-specific and general FP (respectively) podcasts. Would love to see a purescrit show. I’m sure there’d be enough interest for a Kickstarter/Patreon to help with infrastructure and tools as well…