Recent podcasts discussing PureScript?

I saw the old thread Interest in PureScript podcast? and I am wondering whether there are some more recent PureScript mentionings in the podcast space:

So I’m looking for any (JavaScript?) Progarmming Languages?) podcast which discusses PureScript in a recent episode.


You should just google it and post the links here -).

As a recommendation: I’ve recently discovered this awesome (though not active anymore) podcast (available on iTunes) by one of the PS contributor’s and community members @joneshf :innocent:

It discusses different tech topics including Haskell, Purescript, Elm, JS… etc, it is really great in terms of style and content, and I’m sure most of the discussed topics are still more than relevant and actual in 2022 as they were in 2016, turns out that we are living in not so fast-paced world… :wink:


Here my 2 ct:

CoRecursive has an episode on PureScript: PureScript And Avocados With Justin Woo - CoRecursive Podcast

The episode is (like Magic read along) not super-recent (2018), but the podcast is still going, so at some stage we might get a new PureScript-related episode.


I’m a total noob both in PureScript and podcasting, but my very first episode is dedicated to purs

And I’m super open to talking or discussing anything about purs, in my next episode I’m also going to talk about purs. The app I’m building rn is made with purs, I guess I’ll continue to talk about it for a while.