Moving Discourse to the purescript DO team

cc @chexxor @thomashoneyman

Following on from Transferring PureScript infrastructure, I think we’re ready to do step 2:

Transfer the Discourse instance from Alex’s personal DO account into the DO PureScript team (which all of the infra team members have access to)

Right now, the DNS configuration is all in my personal Namecheap account, which only I have access to. We have two options for this:

  1. We can coordinate so that I make the DNS changes at more or less the same time as one of you moves the instance over, or
  2. I can set up the domain to point at DigitalOcean’s nameservers and move the DNS configuration into the DO purescript team, so that all of us can edit DNS records inside DO.

I think I like option 2 better, especially because it means we don’t have to coordinate to make sure we’re both available at the same time.

I also prefer option 2. Thanks for doing this!

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I’ve moved the DNS over to DigitalOcean so we can proceed with option 2 when you’re ready. :slight_smile:

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I fear I’ll be the bottleneck in this step. This project, moving data at a level of SQL database and command line scripts for an unfamiliar thing, is the kind of thing which easily overwhelms me lately.

Do we have a plan for moving the Discourse instance? Is it as simple as freezing the droplet and transferring to the PureScript workspace?

I haven’t been involved with Discourse administration at all so far but I’m happy to step in if I can help. From a bit of googling it sounds like the intended way of doing this is to take a snapshot and transfer that:

I’ve done that before. I can give that a try now. I’ll post here when it’s done.

Looks like it worked. We lost an hour or two of data, but the only data in that timespan was 3 of my status updates on progress.


Nice work, thanks very much!

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Thanks for managing this project! It’s a huge help that is easy for people to overlook!