Transferring PureScript infrastructure

Following on from the discussion in Looking for new maintainers for *, I have been chatting with @paf311 about moving the PureScript infrastructure (i.e. Discourse, Pursuit, Try Purescript) over so that it can be administered by me, @thomashoneyman, and @chexxor. We are now at a stage where we are almost ready to do this, so this post is just to announce that we intend to do this soon. As a user of these services you shouldn’t notice any changes (except for Try PureScript, where hopefully it should be using an up-to-date compiler version in the not too distant future).

In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, we’ve come up with the following plan:

  1. Transfer domain ownership and DNS records from Phil’s namecheap account to mine; keep the DNS records intact to start with so that existing services keep working, and keep the community server (the one administered by Phil) running

  2. Transfer the Discourse instance from Alex’s personal DO account into the DO PureScript team (which all of the infra team members have access to)

  3. Update the DNS records for to point to the new server for Pursuit, which is currently running and part of the DO PureScript team

  4. Finish getting Try PureScript updated to work with the current PureScript compiler version, and deploy it to a new server in the DO PureScript team. Update DNS for to point to the new server.

  5. Notify @paf311 that it’s now safe to turn off the server which currently hosts Pursuit and Try PureScript

The idea of doing it this way is that it shouldn’t matter if a few days (or weeks) elapse between each of these steps being performed: at each stage, all of the relevant services (Discourse, Pursuit, Try PureScript) should continue to function normally.

We’ve tried to make it so that infrastructure stuff is accessible to everyone in the infrastructure team as far as reasonably possible, and Namecheap doesn’t allow group access to domain ownership / DNS. We could investigate alternatives to Namecheap, or we could just leave the domain registration in my personal Namecheap account and move DNS over to DigitalOcean (as DO can do DNS but not domain registration).

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.


Update: We’ve now transferred the DNS. I’ve also updated the DNS configuration so that is now using HTTPS :tada:


Just a note: now that Try PS has been moved, I’ve deleted the old Linode instance. Thanks everyone for all the work to move this all over.