PureScript Inaugural Survey: Call for Help on 2022-02-28

Hi all!

Barring any major obstacles, the first annual PureScript Survey will ship on 2022-02-28 at 8AM PST :confetti_ball: :purescript:

When the survey ships, we will make announcements on several channels, including Hacker News, this Discourse, the PureScript subreddit, and the community watering holes of various adjacent languages.

At that time, and for approximately 3h afterwards, we will need a team of helpers that can share the survey link, comment upon the survey link on certain platforms (i.e. Hacker News), and field questions from folks discovering PureScript for the first time. In addition to creating momentum around the launch, we’ve found from other surveys that this activity creates a compounding effect for the days after as well, leading to more responses and a better state-of-the-ecosystem report afterwards.

If you can be part of this team, please mark that you’ll be attending the event included on this post. When the survey launches, we’ll make a separate post on this Discourse, but we’ll coordinate the survey’s diffusion on this topic for around 3h after the launch. That is when the helpers will need to be attentive to new information.

Thanks in advance to those that can help! And many thanks to everyone that has helped coordinate, translate, and edit the survey!


Don’t forget to drop it on Lobsters. They tend to be pretty positive towards PureScript and other ML languages.

Small nitpick, with international audiences, can the Discourse standardize on the ISO 8601 dates if in the header to remove any ambiguity? 2022-02-28


I don’t have an account, nor does @mikesol, but if anyone here does have one we would appreciate it being posted there on 2022-02-28!

I don’t have an account

I have an account. I could post it or give an invitation link. I’m unsure what karma level is required to make posts though.

I can make the post, but it’ll be @ 23:00 BKK time, so I can’t promise to be around long after. It appears @thomashoneyman took my invite link so hopefully he could cover any questions while I’m asleep. That said, Lobsters tends to have discussions slower and longer than Hacker News due to less traffic, so responding late doesn’t go into the void.


Just a reminder that this starts in 4 minutes.



Here is the message that will be posted far and wide. I will start with our community discord and attach links as I post it. I will send out the first post in 10m - I’m currently opening a bunch of browser windows to various sites so it can go out more or less simultaneously. If you spot any issues with the blurb, please let me know

Here is the blurb that I’ll be posting:

I’m excited to announce the first annual PureScript Survey!

As the PureScript ecosystem grows, it’s important for our community to understand how the language is being used, in what contexts it is being adopted, and what we could do to improve both the language and our community’s governance.

The survey opens today, February 28th, and stays open for one week. It closes on March 7th.

I very much hope that you’ll take a moment to fill out the survey. Even if you’re not using PureScript, we want to hear from you. Here is a link to the survey: PureScript Annual Survey 2022. In addition to filling it out, please feel free to share it. Thanks!

@JordanMartinez , I just realized that I may not have enough reddit karma for my posts to go through - I only have a meeshkan account from back when meeshkan was a thing, but it has very low karma. Are you a redditer? If you are and you post somewhat-regularly, there’s a greater chance your post will go through and result in alerts/notifications. Otherwise, I can try with Meeshkan. Apologies that I did not realize this before about the karma system - only am reading about it now that I’m clicking through the various posting mechanisms.

Unfortunately, no. I don’t have such an account, but I do read from that site regularly.

First announcement: The First Annual PureScript Survey!.

Lobsters: PureScript Annual Survey 2022 | Lobsters

I changed the wording from “I” to “we”

Is the Reddit handled? I can do that… and/or Hacker News

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New Links | Hacker News - DONE!

Tostal, could you do reddit? Thanks! My karma is quite low, so the chances it’ll pop out are low.

@mikesol I can also do the Reddit ones, I’ve got plenty of karma from posting on the Haskell subreddit. Also, do you mind editing your original post to put these links up at the top so they’re easy to see right away?

Ok, you can duke it out with toastal for who posts. Again apologies for not realizing about this karma thing before!

I highly doubt either cares about Reddit karma that much :joy: … I can do r/elm though

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