Puresheet 0.2.0 release

Hey, everyone.
After some time a new version of Puresheet is now available along with a Github Pages demo.
The new features in this release are:

  • Support for IDE like autocomplete for imported and module aliased top-level functions and operators.
  • New Explorer view to query by function name, signature or a input / output example (in a similar fashion to Hoogle / Pursuit except for a lack of type unification) and see global functions & operators along with their documentation on a per module basis.
  • Support for Go to documentation on the formula editor for modules, functions & operators.
  • Persistence of spreadsheet data and formulas in the browser local storage.

The planned features for next versions are basically enabling user defined functions, interoperation with Excel / Google Sheets and possibly a very simple small Javascript transpiler for the formula language to achieve reasonable performance without the overhead of the current interpreter.

I’ve also found halogen-hooks and halogen-store very convenient to use and specially to transition from a single component application to a multiple components one.


Great work! You’ve made some wonderful progress.

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