Removing dot trailing whitespace from record access syntax

Hi, I’ve been trying to figure out Parser.y with disambiguation of record access expression and operator expression in mind. Currently, record access syntax looks as follows

foo1 = bar.baz
foo2 = bar .baz
foo3 = bar . baz
foo4 = bar        .         baz

where all these expressions are parsed into ExprRecordAccessor with varying values of tokTrailingComments = [ Space VAL ]. I’d like to change the expr7 in Parser.y such that
foo1 and foo2 mean record access, while foo3 and foo4 would be treated as operator expression.

Could I get some pointers as to how to do it? I believe that it could look something like this

{%^ \(SourceToken {tokAnn=(TokenAnn{ tokTrailingComments=a})}) -> <no idea about here> }

and that, at least as a first step, I’d need to rewrite expr7 and expr1

(I didn’t know about Happy until today and have limited knowledge about lexing and parsing, so that might prove a bit challenging)