Semimonthly Online Meetup 2021-08-16

Meeting occurs every two weeks. Times alternate between 12:00 UTC and 19:00 UTC.

The meetings are not recorded, but we try to post some meeting minutes afterwards. Also, feel free to post agenda items ahead of time in this thread.


Sorry for my usual spam but I want to remind PureScripters that we have this new meetup thread and that we have a meetup on Monday at 12:00 PM UTC. I have just created a notebook for it here:

Have a nice weekend!


Just a quick reminder that we have a PS meetup today. An empty notebook can be found here:

Please join us if you are interested in PS or want to share anything related!

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New meetup tomorrow?

Yeah, we have a meetup in 3h today. And here is a new notebook:

See you!

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Sorry, but I’ve just updated the meetup info (I thought that I’d done this already) and want to invite you to the next PS meetup. It is going to be 19:00 UTC this time. Please join if you want to discuss anything PS related.

Here we have an empty notebook for tomorrow: PureScript Online Meetup 2021 June 21 - HedgeDoc


here’s one suggested topic: using Ocelot components or rolling your own, setting up for proper styling, ie to a professional-looking level.

I feel like we could have a better “starter kit” story in that area that would let people kick the tyres on PureScript and Halogen without a huge learning curve and i did a little bit of work towards that recently so i’d love to show and tell (very briefly) and then hear from others.


I’ve catched my last ferry… Please just enjoy the meetup - I’m going to join in a few minutes.


Thanks a lot for the meetup - it was really, really nice and interesting! We have discussed a lot of cool topics: from components libraries, through practical project showcase to a really interesting discussion regarding recent language changes, corefn and possible new PS features. Please find the details in the final notebook:

(parts written by me are full of language mistakes for sure - I’m trying my best :-))


Thanks a lot for a really nice meetup. Thanks to @Adrielus we have a really good notes: PureScript Online Meetup 2021 July 5 - HedgeDoc

See you next time!


Nooo. I forgot about this :frowning:


Hold on, it’s been 14 days since the last meetup but this is another one at 02:00 my time? :crying_cat_face:

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looks like it’s the later time tomorrow which is what i’d expect…i think that is 02:00 in Thailand, yep. The previous one was the early time, the one i nearly always miss…

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I hope I didn’t make a mistake and the last one was on 12:00 UTC… but I’m not sure :slight_smile: Am I right @Adrielus, @TomekP?

Regarding 12:00 UTC meetups unfortunately I’m now sure that I won’t be able to organize these meetups during the next 3-6 months. I’m able to be present, create a notebook and publish notes after 19:00 UTC meetups and I’m pleased to do this… but I won’t be able to help with 12:00 UTC because of my new 3 or 6 months contract (I’m going to be offline and without a computer during my new working hours :-P).
Of course I can help reschedule meetup and create empty new notebook (to be honest that is all upfront organization :-P) but I won’t be able to join and publish notes afterward.

Our meetups till now were really Community driven discussions:

  • we reuse the same “jitsi room” (the same link) for every meetup
  • we just do a “sharing session” - every participant in turn can share/discuss PS related stuff which usually leads to a more in depth discussion :slight_smile:
  • we usually write notes together live during the meetup
  • all sessions were really focused on PureScript and moderation was never really required

In other words the only “responsibility” of the “host” is to be present and publish the final version of the notes here and to be nice to everyone… which in the case of our Community is just a natural flow :slight_smile:

I really encourage you to help because I think that there is a value in being persistent and consistent with our meetups.
If anyone is interested in organizing these next 3 to 6 (or more) at 12:00 UTC (once per four weeks) meetups please let us know. If no one is able to do such a commitment for so many events I can reschedule such a an event and just ask before for a one time host :slight_smile:

As an alternative proposition I can try to organize 12:00 UTC meetup before my new working hours - it would be probably something like 03:00 or 04:00 UTC.

Please let me know what do you think.


I can try and take care of the 12 UTC meetups. I can’t promise I’ll be able to attend 100% of them, but I’ll do my best.

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That’s cool! Thanks a lot for this quick response @Adrielus!

So I’m going to just reschedule every such meetup and we will see if you can host a particular one or if we need to ask for another one time host :slight_smile:

I think that after tomorrow meetup I’m going to start a new thread and “archive” this one to simplify navigation etc.

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So I’m going to just reschedule every such meetup

I’m a little confused :sweat_smile:, are we changing the time those take place at?

I think something useful we could do is have some github gist / repo containing a list of all the notebook links.

I was trying to look some older links up earlier today, and the navigation was a little inconvenient:)

No, no. Sorry if my English wasn’t clear enough :slight_smile:

I wanted to say that we stick to the 12:00 UTC timing and that I’m going to create the next 12:00 UTC meetup two weeks before every one of them and I’m going to ask you if you are able to host this particular one (I’m going to do this myself because changing editing permissions for a thread on discourse was somewhat problematic).

That is a good point. Maybe I should add all notebook links into the first post of the meetup thread for a quick access?


Sounds good!

Great idea!