Small PureScript online meetup - 2020-07-27

We try to keep constant two week interval between meetups but this time it will be easier to just push it one week further. I hope you are not very disappointed :wink:

So the next meetup takes place on Monday 2020-27-07 at 12:00 UTC this time. I think that we are going to just shift the whole schedule so the next after that one would be on 2020-10-08 at 19:00 UTC.

Please don’t hesitate to write down below any topics related to PureScript which you would like to discuss during the upcoming meetup.


I am interested Halogen and static webpages in two capacities.
One, the ability to produce static pages on the backend.
Two, the ability to link the virtual dom with static content and derive component state from static content for faster page loads.

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@srghma has been working on this for Halogen recently. For example: Hydration WIP



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Interesting I’ll start examining these. Thanks
Looking forward to talking about it at the meetup

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I would like to hear about all possible options of styling Halogen app.

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Great! So how do I join?

@f-f is going to publish zoom link a 15 minutes before meetup here.

I think that question has already been answered here:

The CSS / Styling question comes up so often, that I think it would make sense to centralize all of this info as a guide in the docs repo. Tracking in this issue.

Also proposing that we create an FAQ page to feature questions like these.


You seem to have a typo in the date, I assume you mean 2020-07-27

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Absolutely. Fixed, thanks!

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How can I see the meetup date in local time?

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You can add your city to this converter:

We should probably always include this link in the announcements.


If Discourse supports bots, perhaps somebody might make a bot that replies to all meetup posts with a link to a date converter website, automatically using the meetup date and time of course. How does that sound?

To make it easier for the bot to extract the date and time, the poster might want to include both the date and time in the title.

If it’s possible, I’d like to give it a shot.

Should we just use an actual calendar for scheduling meetups?

Maybe the Discourse Calendar Plugin?

Some other related plugins / configuration options:

Example of calendar not in thread:

If a consensus of sorts happens around a plug-in y’all would like to use I’m happy to set it up.



I’m really, really sorry that I’m writing so late. I want to apologize everyone who waited for the meetup. I’ve messed this up. I have really hard personal time and I’m a bit lost in time and space so I was not able to clearly communicate that I’m not able to start the meetup this week… This has lead to some misunderstanding and finally no one started the meeting :frowning:
I hope that we will be able to schedule this meetup for the next week. We will announce it here I think.
I promise not to mess things up again. Once again sorry.


@paluh I just want to say thanks for even volunteering to do this in the first place. It takes time to do this and you don’t always get the same value out of what you put into it. I appreciate you and the work you’ve done in the community. Don’t worry about it!