Small PureScript online meetup - 2020-08-03 (12:00 UTC)


Everybody is more than welcome!

I think that we can give google meet a try this time as @f-f already suggested. I’ve created meetup room here (I’m going to accept all invitations whenever I’m online):

Timezone converter:


I’m not making it to this one, but have some developments to share:

  • An FAQ is in progress. Please contribute if you think of anything to add.

  • Working on adding some features to Try PureScript. You can give the demo a shot at and read about the proposed changes in the PR.


Not able to make this either, as it’s quite early on the west coast of the US, but I’m glad to see these continuing regularly!


Wow. These Try Purescript updates look really, really nice! Thanks for sharing the info - we are going to take a look at it during the meetup.

Yeah, the 12:00 UTC mode is rather dedicated for people from “ASEAN” to CEST timezone :wink: The next time we are going to start at 19:00 UTC.

@thomashoneyman could you please write what do you think about calendar plugin mentioned by @milesfrain in the other thread? Are we going to give it a try?

From my side I want to briefly talk about progress related to react-basic-mui - a biding to Material UI (component library for react) and show a repo with examples.

I’m trying to join the meetup, but at first nobody was able to hear me, and now it says “You can’t join this video call.” What should I do?

Oh, could you try once again? If it won’t work I will create a new room.

That was a great meetup. I learned a lot of new stuff. Thank you @paluh!


It was really nice to discuss with you Guys.
@seanyu4296 - thanks for the short introduction into your routing / codegen approach.


was a pleasure to meet you also! see you on the next meetup


Oh, I messed up… I wanted to join this meeting but I did not pay attention to the time! Do you guys mind sharing what you talked about ?


Yeah, sure. It was really, really tiny PS meetup ;-).

  • We have checked updates related to and faq (by @milesfrain) and cookbook updates.
  • @mhmdanas shortly talked about his PS use cases and as a side note he described high level difference between flutter and react-native.
  • @seanyu4296 showed us routing and codegen solution which he uses together with JV on the frontend / backend.
  • I’ve showed some minor updates related to react-basic-mui bindings and widget examples page.
  • We have talked a bit about difference between transformers (and tagless final) vs run.