The Second Annual PureScript Survey!

I’m excited to announce the second annual PureScript Survey :confetti_ball:

The survey opens today, March 15th, and stays open for one week. It closes on March 22nd.

Our first survey helped us understand our community better and had a direct impact on contributions to the ecosystem and community governance. We’re confident that the second survey will have a similar impact and we’re eager to hear your thoughts and act upon them.

I very much hope that you’ll take a moment to fill out the survey. Even if you’re not using PureScript, we want to hear from you. Here is a link to the survey: PureScript Annual Survey 2023. In addition to filling it out, please feel free to share it. A heartfelt thanks in advance to all who participate this year!


I would just like to report that on mobile I found scrolling to often accidentally select answers. I know that in at least one case I selected something unintentionally, but the survey caught it because it just so happened to be an “Other” that I left blank. So this could slightly throw off the data.

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Thanks for letting me know this.
What device and browser are you using? I can report the issue to Surveymonkey.